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Another Python Graph Library  v.0.7

This project develops a simple, fast and easy to use Python graph library using NumPy, Scipy and

Coatie3D - A 3d Graph Drawer  v.1.0

Goal of Coatie3D project is the development of a 3D graph drawer/ viewer. The purpose of graph drawing is the identification of a pleasant layout for a given

389 DS Graph  v.1.1.2

389 DS Graph is a utility for graphing connections and operations from the 389 Directory Server (formerly Fedora Directory Server). 389 DS Graph works with 389DS, Fedora DS, Red Hat DS, and may work with Sun

Approximate Counting of Graph Colorings  v.1.0

Algorithms to estimate the number of k-colorings of a low-degree graph using samplings from a markov chain are

Bouquet: a graph generator  v.0.1

Bouquet is a graph generator written in ANSI Common Lisp. Bouquet produces Tulip graph description files; clusters and properties are

Digital Graph  v.1.3.0

Digital graph 1.3 is an advanced JAVA SWING component for modelling, displaying, saving and loading graphs(using XML and XMLSchema). It is fully documented and requires jdk 1.5.x.Version 1.3 adds 9 bug fixs, 3 rengineering and 4 new

Gato (Graph Animation Toolbox)  v.1.1.2

Gato (Graph Animation Toolbox): Animate graph algorithms for example for computing shortest paths, minimal spanning trees, maximum flows or maximal cardinality or weight matchings. Create your own animations using the Animated Data Structures

General Graph Identification By Hashing  v.1.0

This is a method for identifying graphs using MD5 hashing. It can be used for graph equality comparisons and to facilitate graph isomorphism testing. The graphs can be labeled or

GOBLIN graph library  v.2.8b30

A library including the whole bunch of standard algorithms in graph optimization and drawing. On top of this, a GUI for manipulating and editing of

GrALoG- Graph,Algorithms,Logic and Games  v.0.91

GrALoG is a tool for editing and visualising graph-like-structures and the results of algorithms running on them. Through it's plugins GrALoG is hugely extendable, i.e. plugin-developers can define their own graph-like structures and

Graph Editor  v.2.0

This tool is based on Graph Theory learning. It can help professors and students to teach and learn the Graph Theory easier. With this tool, people can draw simple graphs and even apply functions on their drawn

Graph EMS  v.1.0

Graph EMS includes some common PowerShell commands, it can help the Exchange admistrator do the batch process to exchange server, such as display the hidden mailbox/distribution group and so on, must install Exchange Management Tool

Graph functions  v.1.0

A very simple java tool to plot functions and explore the graph,source code available.Also includes a class "ParseFunction" that evaluate the numeric values of a function given as a string with a unknown variable in a selected range

Graph Package  v.1.0

Graph Package (GPack) is a solution for developing simple graphics in Delphi environment. GPack includes 2 components TGraph & TGraph3D which help users to create 2D/3D graphic applications in an easiest and quickest

Graph Visualization Framework  v.1.0

The Graph Visualization Framework is a set of Java 2 packages that canserve as a foundation for applications that manipulate or visualize graph structures. "Royere" is built on the GVF and includes XMLsupport, SVG output, pluggable layouts,

Graph Wars  v.1.0

A turn-based strategy game based on graph-theoretic

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